Our Firm was founded, in large part, on its fidelity practice. We regularly protect our clients’ interests with regard to Financial Institution Bonds, Commercial Crime Policies, Securities Dealer Blanket Bonds and other fidelity policies. We are thoroughly familiar with policy provisions limiting the scope of coverage and policy exclusions. We have successfully asserted coverage defenses by invoking the “manifest intent,” “single versus aggregate loss,” “automatic termination,” “within the premises” and “tangible property” coverage clauses. In addition, we have successfully invoked policy exclusions such as knowledge of prior dishonesty, and the dishonest employee being the person who also owns or controls the insured. In several unique cases, we have successfully invoked Florida’s statute allowing for rescission based on misrepresentation in the policy application regarding internal financial controls and knowledge of prior loss. We are also at the forefront of keeping fidelity coverage limited to its intended scope, having prevailed against claims by third parties with regard to our clients’ policies.

In each case, we remain aware of the policy limits and potential exposure. We listen to our clients’ needs and implement a “team” approach in investigating and resolving claims. We provide a careful examination of the proof of loss, review of pertinent documents and analysis of the policy. In larger and more complex cases, we are also experienced in taking examinations under oath, in working with forensic accountants, obtaining necessary discovery from third parties and coordinating with regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Our efforts in the investigation process have resulted in the successful pre-litigation resolution of claims; however, we possess the knowledge and experience to protect your rights in litigation.